Mustard Bikes New Fender Eliminator Releases

Mustard Bikes New Fender Eliminator Releases

Mustard Bikes have been working hard down in TAS to bring us the latest high quality Australian fender eliminators for some newer bikes on the market.

Recently releasing a range of CF Moto fender eliminators, including for the newer 300SR/SS and 450SR/SS/NK models, Mustard have recently released even MORE kits. Even better, there's likely more coming next year.

New Release: 2021-2023 Triumph Bonneville T100 & T120 Tail Tidy

If you're in the market for a 2021+ Bonneville T100/T120 makeover, the new Mustard Bikes tail tidy will sort you out with it's included replacement tail light to finish the look.

Find the kit here.

Triumph Bonneville T100 & T120 Tail Tidy by Mustard Bikes
Pictured: Bonneville T100/T120 Mustard tail tidy

New Release: 2023 Kawasaki ZX4R / ZX4RR Tail Tidy

If you've recently picked up a ZX4R or ZX4RR 1), I am very jealous, and 2) Mustard Bikes will get rid of that shovel on the back for you. This tail tidy kit comes with all you'll need to get rid of the stock fender and to streamline the look of your ZX4R/RR. This kit comes with multiple indicator options - even allowing none no indicator mounts at all. If you're planning on picking up the no turn signal mount option, you might want to invest in an integrated tail light too.

Find the ZX4R/RR fender eliminator here.

ZX4R/ZX4RR Fender Eliminator Kit by Mustard Bikes
Pictured: Kawasaki ZX4R / ZX4RR Mustard tail tidy

New Release: 2023 Suzuki GSX8S & GSX8R Tail Tidy

And last but not least, the brand new Suzuki GSX-8S and GSX8R can now be ridden without that bulky fender too. Mustard bikes did a great job with this one; allowing multiple indicator options, and making sure there's an included brake light that is E-Marked and ADF compliant, giving you peace of mind.

GSX8S kit found here
GSX8R kit found here

Pictured: Suzuki GSX8S & GSX8R fender eliminator kit by Mustard

Pictured: Suzuki GSX8S & GSX8R fender eliminator kit by Mustard - components included

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